15.8.2016 12:25:05 / Knowledge

The complete iPACENOTES glossary of terms

iPACENOTES aims to be an automated pacenote system and for that reason the dictionary of all allowed words or descriptions which iPACENOTES will use must be fixed. In other words, we must select in advance the complete set of signs, words and notes which will be used in iPACENOTES. This is quite tricky, since in reality rally drivers use different concepts and words to describe the same road conditions or geometry.
31.5.2016 12:00:00 / Knowledge

Pacenotes, racing line and Vittorio Caneva

We've built iPACENOTES wheel in the last blog and we've invited you to make one and start measuring corners on public roads. If you did so, you've most probably noticed that there is at least one big problem which we didn't mentioned yet: if two corners are close to each other, you cannot drive through both of them using ideal racing line. Well, we've actually never mentioned ideal racing line in any context. This blog is all about pacenotes and its correlation to ideal racing line.
24.4.2016 12:00:00 / Knowledge

The iPACENOTES steering wheel

Although we've promised to explain complete iPACENOTES language in this blog, we have to step back and explain how to actually make a tool for measuring corners. iPACENOTES will allow sharing pacenotes and thus it is critically important that all drivers make pacenotes using the same principles and the same cornering scale.
21.3.2016 12:00:00 / Knowledge

Left 2 into Right 3 minus - what exactly does it mean?

In the last post we've started to introduce the reasoning behind rally pacenotes. We've tried to explain step by step how one would end up making pacenotes that would sound as they are coming from some PC rally game. However, we've stopped at the sentence "left 90 into right 45 opens" which indeed sounds right, but not completely.
8.3.2016 12:00:00 / Knowledge

What are the pacenotes and why are they required?

Broadly speaking, pacenotes describe road shape and (sometimes) road conditions immediately in front of a racing car. Now, why there's a need for pacenotes in rally and not in the other types of motorsport racing?
7.3.2016 11:00:00 / Knowledge

A little bit more details about iPACENOTES project

This is the first article in the series of blog posts about iPACENOTES project. We'll try to explain here what the iPACENOTES project is, then equally important what iPACENOTES is NOT, and we'll try to explain how we're going to accomplish the goals of the project.