Replacing the human by the machine!

Is it possible to replace the co-driver in racing and training by a smart phone and tablet application?

What are iPACENOTES?

iPACENOTES is a project addressing a smart phone and tablet application development to completely replace the need for a co-driver in a car during racing.
In other words, the application should be able to carry out the tasks entrusted to the co-driver that is two basic tasks:
1) During reconnaissance with the driver, help the driver to write pacenotes
2) During racing timely dictate the instructions noted in pacenotes to the driver.
In rallying, pacenotes are a commonly used method of accurately describing a rallying route to be driven in extreme detail. As well as dictating the general route to be taken, in terms of turnings, junctions, etc., all notable features of the route which might affect the way it is driven at speed are included. These details include the distance between each feature, the degree and severity of bends, adverse camber, crests and hill jumpings, surface type and conditions, potholes, special instructions to the driver, etc.

Revealing “the secrets” of rallying

In reality during reconnaissance the driver goes through two processes: the first one is determining the ideal driving line that is estimating which driving line of the vehicle will be the fastest in a given stage on the road, and the second one is noting down the ideal driving line using as few symbols as possible.
Therefore, our project also has two roles: to train the users how to determine the ideal that is the fastest racing line of the car and to enable the users to use the iPACENOTES application to note down the ideal route easily using as few symbols as possible.

The training will include exchange of experiences: how to drive in the rain, in the snow, on a macadam road, what tires to choose, how to adjust the suspension, mental preparation, etc. There is a special thematic section for such purpose created on our blog.

This is not "yet another input application for instructions"

The first of the two roles the iPACENOTES application has is to enter instructions.
When entering instructions, it is important to know that the iPACENOTES application is not yet another input application for instructions similar to a number of them present in the market. As the iPACENOTES application dictates the instructions entered, the instructions entered will be geo-localized because they should be linked to the relevant stages. Because of dictation that is previously recorded words and phrases, the application itself will have a wide, but limited number of combinations of symbols. The entry will be intuitive, simple and fast, and will comply with the “language” of pacenotes to make dictation as authentic as possible

This application really talks!

It would be a complete misconception to think that dictating instructions is an easy process, no matter how easy it may seem. iPACENOTES will be the first application worldwide to actually dictate pacenotes. The underlying reason for that is the fact that it is very sensitive and complicated to determine the right moment when to dictate an instruction as a long list of interdependent parameters need to be taken into account. Some of the parameters are the speed at which one can take corners, the foreseen speed out of the current corner and into the next one, the amount of instructions dictated, the pace of dictation, accuracy and reliability of the acquired GPS positioning, dealing with technical restrictions of GPS enabling positioning only every second, determining reference points in the ideal racing line for every instruction in particular, etc.
Of course, it is completely logical to raise a question of whether the iPACENOTES project is feasible at all. Our preliminary research and testing indicate that it is and that our team is capable of pulling this project off.

Our team

Meet our team of experts working on iPACENOTES project
Ivica Siladić

Ivica Siladić

iPACENOTES idea creator, chief technology officer

Ante Sarjanović

Ante Sarjanović

Project director

Marko Vučetić

Marko Vučetić

Application designer

Grga Ćurković

Grga Ćurković

Chief iOS developer

Boris Bralo

Boris Bralo

Chief Android developer


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